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Private Meeting Between William Branham and Reverend Jim Jones At Claypool Hotel

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Private Meeting Between William Branham and Reverend Jim Jones At Claypool Hotel:

Many of our researchers have noticed the audio recording and transcript of Peoples Temple Rev. Jim Jones describing a conversation with William Branham concerning the business aspects of the Latter Rain movement. The transcript was missing an inaudible section of the recording, making it difficult to understand why William Branham was advising Jones to avoid preaching the "truth about the Bible".

Advancements in technology have enabled us to hear the inaudible section of the recording, shedding new light on one of Branham's many meetings with Rev. Jim Jones. In the recording, Jones is referring to a private meeting at the Claypool Hotel in Indianapolis with William Branham and his two assistant pastors, Archie Ijames and Jack Arnold Beam. Though Jones mistakenly uses the last name "Graham" at the beginning of his statement, he corrects himself and names William Branham as the evangelist. From the annotated transcript:

Jones: Some are listening. They won't tell you the truth, because the black book is the easiest gravy train that they've ever been on. Yet Allen [A.A. Allen, Pentecostal evangelist] came to me, Oral Roberts [Pentecostal evangelist] spoke this, Billy Graham came right to us – Ijames [Archie Ijames], Jack [Jack Arnold Beam], and me – in Claypool Hotel, said I don't believe a thing in that Bible hardly. But he said, it's the way to make a living. Billy Graham, who I prophesied his death, Billy Branham rather, said his head would be— I said he'd lose his head. His head was cut off in Texas. [Editorial note: The reference is to William Branham, an evangelical preacher and acquaintance of Jim Jones during the Temple's Indianapolis days. Branham died in an automobile accident on Christmas Eve 1965 in Texas, but was not decapitated.] He said you can't preach the truth about that Bible, he said (tape cuts out about three seconds) preach reincarnation, you cannot preach the truth about the Bible, you will be in trouble. I said, I choose to treat th— preach the truth. He said, well, I'll be around, while you will be in trouble. Well, I'm still here, and his head is cut off from his body.

With this knowledge, and the awareness that William Branham joined forced with Jim Jones for two major Latter Rain campaigns in 1956 and 1957, we were able to identify some interesting statements about William Branham's views of the Peoples Temple. According to Branham, he fully supported and doctrinally was aligned with Jim Jones and Peoples Temple:

I want to say, this morning I was privileged of listen to one of your teachers here in this convention, in a convention group of about, I guess, close to three hundred people. Over three hundred people gathered together this morning in the upper room of a hotel, where they were having breakfast; and I had the grand privilege of being there, and saying a few words, and hearing a wonderful message on the sovereignty of the local church, which certainly is my views of it.
Branham, 56-0613 - Jehovah-Jireh

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