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Message Cult Preachers Arrested in Shreveport Louisiana

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Message Cult Preachers Arrested in Shreveport Louisiana:

"Message" cult preachers Matthew Carapella and Steven Ravbar were arrested and charged in Shreveport, LA, using William Branham's recorded doctrine to target women. According to CBC News, Ravbar and Carapella were asked to leave at least three churches in the United States, two of which resulted in intervention by local law enforcement.

CBC Reporters interviewed "Message" cult pastor Luke Gibson of the "Tabernacle of the Lord" in Greenville, SC. Gibson, who (apparently) distancing himself from William Branham's doctrine, called the statements by the two "Message" preachers "vile things". After reminding Gibson's cult church of William Branham's doctrine targeting women, Carapella and Ravbar were asked to leave the premises and the police were contacted to prevent them from returning.

Upon their return to London, Ontario, CBC News interviewed the two "Message" cult preachers, confirming that they were adherents of William Branham and were using Branham's doctrine in the "lukewarm" cult churches. According to the article:

"The men have also been barred from two London churches for challenging parishioners and church leaders during services. Both men are adherents of William Branham, a U.S. preacher with ties to white supremacists and cult leader Jim Jones. Branham died in 1965 but recordings of his sermons are widely available online and continue to inspire new followers. Branham preached an ultra conservative form of evangelism. In his sermons, he argues that women should stay in traditional, child-rearing roles and not pursue careers. He also says women should not dress in any way like a man. Even pants and short haircuts are verboten. In London, women have complained that Ravbar and Carapella frequently call them out on the streets for their appearance."

The article continues to say that the two "Message" cult preachers were using disparaging words towards women such as "whores", as William Branham often did throughout his 1947-1965 ministry. While one would assume that the "Message" cult churches of Shreveport, LA and Greenville, SC would welcome the two preachers as "good and faithful servants", it would seem that the cult itself is attempting to distance itself from William Branham's instruction:

I said the other day, about Jacqueline Kennedy, how many times I've rebuked you women for cutting your hair, wearing makeup, you Pentecostal women cutting your hair, which God said it's you—you—you make yourself a—a street harlot when you do it. And, according to God, your husband has no right to live with you any longer. A woman that cuts her hair, dishonors her head, which is her husband. That's exactly. What do I say about it? And you call me out on it, I get the letters, "You old crank." All right, they called Elijah the same thing. They called every Word of God, every time the Word is made, call It.
- Branham, 63-1214 - Why Little Bethlehem
Rev. William Marrion Branham

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