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Message Pastors Carapella and Ravbar Arrested - Now Terrorizing South Carolina

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Message Pastors Carapella and Ravbar Arrested - Now Terrorizing South Carolina:

Recently, we published research material on two "Message" cult pastors who were terrorizing citizens of London, Ontario. Matthew Carapella and Steven Ravbar made national news after several complaints of hate speech directed mostly to the female population of London. It turns out that the misogynistic hate speech has also been working its way through the United States after being forced out of London.

According to a recent article by WYFF News Channel 4 in Greenville, South Carolina, the two were also involved in altercations in Louisiana, where they were arrested for their illegal and discriminating conduct.

From the article:

The announcement shared with Upstate churches by the Oconee County Sheriff's Office said: "Two individuals by the names of Matt Carapella and Steven Ravbar have come into the Tabernacle of the Lord church on Highway 24 near Townville and have been reportedly disruptive during the last three services and were asked to leave.

"A patrol request has been put in for this church and they have also reportedly been causing some problems in some churches in Georgia as well.

"Please make churches aware of what is going on should these two individuals show up at their churches. Of course, should there be any problems, tell the churches to contact their local law enforcement agencies in their jurisdiction immediately."

The WYFF article:

London, Ontario interviews John Collins about Matthew Carapella and Steve Ravbar:

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CBC London, Ontario interviews John Collins to discuss "Message" cult recruits terrorizing the streets of London.