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Get To Know Yourself:

All of us were born with deep and meaningful purpose. Discovering our purpose is a fundamental part of life. It is not something we try to develop, work hard to create, or spend money to buy; our purpose is something buried deep inside. It may take a lifetime to find our purpose, but that's all part of the fun of life! Once found, it is even more valuable.

Former members of cults, however, find this quest for purpose very frightening. Especially those who spent significant amounts of time in their group, former members often feel as though their purpose in life was wasted on cult devotion. Those who leave as adults feel defeated, mistakenly thinking that they will never find purpose after forfeiting their life to a cult. Their true potential suppressed by cult oppression, many feel as though their purpose was cut down like a tree from the roots.

This feeling is worsened by the improper balance of power and manipulation of emotion. As a central figure projects the idea that he or she has grandiose purpose, with all members joining together to support their cause, individual purpose is devalued. Compared to the determination and motivation of god-like purpose portrayed by a cult leader, members feel insignificant and even incapable. After leaving the group, this feeling is amplified by the lack of support from members of their former group.

Finding purpose is as simple as getting to know yourself. What do you like? What feels natural to you? What gives you the greatest satisfaction? It might be as simple as baking a cake for a neighbor, helping a friend change their brakes, or entertaining guests. Maybe it's a purpose with greater impact, like feeding the homeless, helping needy children, or volunteering for a charity. Those with gifted talent may find their purpose in music or the arts, entertaining others, uplifting the sad, or simply causing others to critically think. Purpose comes in all forms, big and small.