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Shifts In Individual Personalities

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Shifts In Individual Personalities:

After studying the patterns of social addiction in a considerable number of cases of cult dependency, doctors Jansà and Perlado defined the characteristics of "group dependence disorder" (GDD). By creating a list of similarities between the effects of destructive groups and addiction, the two doctors were able to produce a compact set of criteria for diagnosing patients.

Dedication - Those who dedicated excessive time to the group, whose time of dedication either increased or dedication to outside (family, work, or social) relationships decreased were displaying signs of GDD.

Affiliation - Those who manifested intense affiliation to the group and its members were also displaying signs of GDD.

Attitude - Changes in attitude towards previous environments were a sign GDD, provided the subject displayed symptoms of at least two of the following: cold and distanced attitude, lies, hostile attitudes, or fear.

Criticism - Those who displayed unmeasured self-criticism of their pre-cult past were displaying signs of GDD.

Surrender - Surrendering to the idea of the group's excessive importance, to the contradiction of reality, was a sign of GDD.

Exploitation - By tolerating or justifying personal exploitation, whether work, financial, or sexual, members were displaying signs of GDD.

Routine - Those who increased daily activities as a result of increased dedication to the group were displaying signs of GDD.

Euphoria - Those displaying unusually elevated feelings of interest, excitement, or happiness were displaying signs of GDD.

Dominating Theme - Those who displayed tendencies of monothematic discourse were displaying signs of GDD.

Behavior - Any who experienced at least two behavioral changes in dressing, personal care, language, hobbies, or sexual behavior were displaying signs of GDD.

Escapees of cult groups displaying at least seven of the symptoms were diagnosed with the disorder, and were in need of treatment.