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Limited Learning

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Limited Learning:

Children raised under the indoctrination of a cult are at risk for learning disadvantages, and possibly learning disabilities. Destructive cults often train their members to believe that all answers to life's questions can be found within cult doctrine. When questions arise that do not have adequate cult answers, this children learn to accept limited answers at face value. Rather than being trained in how to find answers for themselves, cult children are trained to look no further than the "first source". The limitations created by this type of childhood can severely hinder education. Worse, it can place barriers in front of the types of careers pursued by those raised by a cult. Careers in research, science or advanced medicine often feel out of reach by former members, while careers in skilled labor feel more obtainable.

At the same time, the effects of indoctrination in children can create disadvantages in many social constructs. Children who adopt the moral values of cult parents often retain them throughout their life. Even as the moral values of the cult shifts with the group mindset, their personal moral values fight against the shift. After leaving the group, cult indoctrinated moral values sometimes conflict with the morals of others. These conflicts can create unnecessary friction in the home, workplace, and other social settings.

Though many former members overcome these disadvantages, most would agree that their indoctrinated set of beliefs created unnecessary weight that was difficult to carry. Like running a marathon while carrying a bowling ball, former members in higher education are accomplishing far more than their peers. It takes a strong sense of determination and willpower to advance, and there are challenges each step of the way. Those who overcome, however, are given a new sense of respect for freedom, and are proud of their accomplishments. Against great odds, they pushed forward to success.