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Cloudy With A Chance of Confusion

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Cloudy With A Chance of Confusion:

Former members of cults often have what they describe as a "clouded" or "dull" mind for a brief time after leaving their destructive group. Intensive, long-term indoctrination through emotional manipulation places members into a continual state of mental exhaustion. Over time, cult members unknowingly learn that it is much easier to stop thinking, and just simply follow. As the brain shuts down while information is being packed inside, good judgment goes dormant. For this reason, many cult members seem like automatons, parroting what they were taught without variation.

After leaving, those who entered this state feel are aware that something is wrong, but cannot accurately describe their condition. Many feel as if they have a medical condition, not realizing that they are exercising a muscle that has not been used in quite some time. Like a patient struggling to walk after years of being confined to a wheelchair, former members struggle to think after years of being confined to indoctrinated thinking. This weakness makes them feel clouded, confused, and weak-minded. Especially in cases when they are confronted with difficult situations, former members in this condition are slow to respond.

As they begin to stabilize, many former members recognize the healing effects of exercising their mind. Like muscles benefiting from a workout after aching from lack of exercise, the brain feels healthy when exercised after lack of use. Former cult members find themselves continually studying things they never pictured themselves wanting to learn, doing tasks that require mental exercise, and enjoying complex music and the arts. Some recognize the health benefits of exercise, not realizing that a good physical workout significantly increases brain activity. When this clouded, "dull" feeling is lifted, a strong sense of self-confidence is restored. Not only are they in control of their mind, they have security in restored judgment.