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Blissful Sadness

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Blissful Sadness:

Cult indoctrination is established and solidified through manipulation of emotion. Emotions are a direct conduit to the soul. Each piece of information planted into the mind of a cult member with an emotional attachment is like a piece of construction secured with cement; once the bond strengthens, it is very difficult to remove.

Deprogramming from indoctrination, unfortunately, is like taking a jackhammer to the foundation of a skyscraper. Emotional bonds secure the indoctrinated belief while towering walls of information are built on top of them. Worse, because they were secured emotionally, any negative emotion experienced during their removal results in insecurity. For this reason, many former members face times where they try to convince themselves to rejoin -- even if it means forfeiting their newfound freedom.

Emotions are a natural part of life. Even the negative emotions, such as sorrow, anger, and fear, are building blocks for positive memories. To experience the joy of new life, mothers must experience pain. To fully enjoy companionship, one must understand isolation or separation. One cannot truly value freedom without suffering through the struggles to break free.

As former members begin to re-evaluate their indoctrinated beliefs with critical thought, they can expect a flood of emotion. Positive and negative emotion will overwhelm their senses as they critically process cult information, and natural responses to those emotions are inevitable. If unprepared, those responses can be self-destructive.

Former members must learn how their personality is affected by this emotional response. If one is prone to violence, one must limit the intensity of anger during deprogramming. If depressed, one must limit the intensity of sorrow. By placing value upon their self-worth, former members are able to control these emotions. The feeling of control, as opposed to the feeling of manipulation, is healing in of itself.