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Just Another Brick In The Wall

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Just Another Brick In The Wall:

Former members with analytical minds find that reversal of the indoctrination process is as simple as examining the structure of each doctrine. While one could spend countless hours, days, weeks, and even years researching the hidden agendas behind cult indoctrination, cult programming contains enough elements to unravel itself. Like tapping on bricks of a dilapidated water dam, one single weak spot can create a blast radius large enough to destroy years of programming. Former members must be careful, however, not to let the sudden surge of "water" overwhelm.

All cult doctrine, regardless of religious, political, or other affiliation, shares similar makeup. A large majority of cult doctrine is based upon truth, while seeded with destructive or untruthful elements. Very little cult doctrine is intended to benefit the individual member of the group. Most, if not all cult doctrine is intended to place focus upon, remembrance of, give supreme authority to, and ultimately empower the central figure and/or his or her appointed leaders. Elements of fear, separation, or isolation are used to bind individuals, while elements of freedom, safety, and authority are used to empower leaders of the group. Understanding the strategy behind each doctrine is key to reversing a programmed mind.

Former members must learn the value of self-worth. They must understand their own intuitions, and empower themselves to make choices based upon what feels right. They must learn to make rational decisions, based upon critical thought and understanding. Instead of seeing themselves as a "victim", they must learn to see themselves as a "survivor". Once they do, they begin to notice the irrational aspects of cult doctrine. They begin to understand that instead of building self-worth, cult doctrine was designed such that it limited or devalued it. Each doctrine viewed through their "rational" filter suddenly feels wrong, exposing hidden agenda.