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The Trigger to Success

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The Trigger to Success:

When cults place exaggerated emphasis or added meaning to ordinary words and phrases, future usage of this loaded language triggers an emotional response. Once cult members are indoctrinated to associate beliefs, thoughts, and emotions to a single word or phrase, cult leaders can quickly resurface those beliefs, thoughts, and emotions by simply using it in a speech. This feeds the narcissistic tendencies of cult leaders by giving them "buttons" to press for immediate response. While members are unaware of the emotional gymnastics triggered, cult leaders are well aware that they can press a single button to get sympathy, praise, encouragement, or support.

After leaving, cult members struggle with the effects of the loaded language that was indoctrinated. Even after free from being subjected to the cult leader's speeches, memories of the indoctrination surface at the most random times and in the most random situations. Former members sometimes face "flashbacks" during Christmas programs, pre-game speeches, work celebrations, and more, without understanding what triggered the sudden painful memory. It takes time to realize that during each of these random events, a speaker used one of the words or phrases that was loaded through cult indoctrination.

Upon realizing these "triggers", former members must disassociate cult meaning and reduce emphasis on the loaded language. When a word or phrase is spoken that triggers cult response, former members must focus their attention to a different, less emotional response. While the meaning is still different than a non-cult member would understand, the association creates a less painful reaction. Former members can use this to their advantage by refocusing loaded language to positive experiences, feelings, or emotions. Each time the loaded language is used, a sudden burst of self-confidence can be experienced. While the trigger may never be removed, it can be repurposed to trigger success.