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Loaded Language

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Loaded Language:

While speaking the language of the land, cults repeatedly use and emphasize words and phrases many are familiar with, creating different or amplified meaning for those words and phrases. Non-cult visitors hearing these words or phrases often misinterpret speeches by cult leaders, unaware that the language was pre-loaded with cult doctrine. As a result, non-cult visitors are often confused or bewildered when a large number of people rejoice or gasp in horror with a seemingly "normal" statement. While cult members are triggered with an array of doctrine, thoughts, and emotion, the non-cult member simply hears an ordinary word or phrase.

It isn't until former members have used these words and phrases with peers unaware of cult ideology that they understand the differences in meaning. After repeatedly watching the confused face of their peers while using this loaded language, former members feel as if they are speaking a different language. It takes time for a former member to realize that they are speaking a variation of the same language, one that is unfamiliar to non-cult members.

Understanding this loaded language and the strategy behind its usage is an important part of removing indoctrination and replacing with personal choice. By identifying the purpose behind the added meaning and increased emphasis of these words and phrases, former members can identify building blocks of indoctrination. Each piece of loaded language is connected to a fundamental belief within cult ideology, and by "tracing the wires in the brain", former members can easily find how and why they are connected. Like finding a switchboard of wires, former members now have access to "unplug" the indoctrination and organize it within their minds according to their own values. Also, many of the other connections are suddenly revealed, giving former members quick access to other areas of indoctrination. As the "wires" are organized, self-confidence is established.