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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year:

On January 1, 2012, My wife and I made our decision to leave the "Message". We had no idea what was in store for us, and no intentions of doing anything more than finding a church that wasn't afraid to preach the truth. We were aware that a significant portion of the belief system that we grew up in was both untrue and unbiblical, but we were fully unaware of the extent. It was a conscious decision; we both knew it would be difficult, and we both thought we might lose a few fairweather friends. We had many good friends in the "Message", though, and were very close with our family. We just knew that they'd be supportive of us, even in disagreement.

The first few weeks of 2012 was by far the most difficult time of our lives. Like many of the former believers of the "Message", we watched our friends and family turn their backs on us, one by one. It was painful. At that time, we were unaware of the manipulation and undue influence, and could only see the situation from the surface. We saw anger, scorn, mockery, and false accusation from cult members as just that: anger, scorn, mockery, and false accusation. Still programmed ourselves, we had no way of knowing that these were all programmed response to internal conflict. I wish we knew then what we know now.

Six years has now passed from that time. Our understanding of the cult and the men behind its creation has changed our perspective of the group, and has given us insights into its motives and agenda. Our understanding of cult influence and manipulation has changed our perspective of the people in the group, and has helped us understand the difference between victims and perpetrators. We still see the same false foundation that convinced us to leave the cult, but now we have the advantage of understanding its mechanics.

This year, we are even stronger in our resolve. We may have lost friends and family, but we have gained new friends and family. We have built friendships that will endure the hard times, not just the good. We have the strength of thousands of supporters, just like you, who have been both eager and willing to help those who have made their decision to leave the oppression of the cults. It is because of you that new escapees find much comfort in the face of sorrow.

We look forward to 2018. With each year that passes, we find that it is much easier than the year before. Last year was good, but this year will be amazing. With our focus on healing, many will find internal peace and some will find reconciliation as more people make their resolution to leave the cults. We continue to support and encourage each and every one of you, and wish you the best year of freedom and adventure!

John Collins
Founder, Seek The Truth