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Children of the Oppression

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Children of the Oppression:

Children who were born and raised in a religious cult have an altogether different experience than those who joined later in life. Having been trained from early childhood under cult influence, these members have never experienced life without cult manipulation. Not only were they indoctrinated fully and completely without critical thought, members born and raised in a cult are unaware there were difficult questions others considered before joining. The cult was their life, and that life was all they knew, lived, breathed, and would have died for. To question the cult would be to question life itself; one must also question the sun to rise or the air to breathe.

Those under this level of indoctrination have a very different understanding of cult doctrine than even the parents who trained them. With no outside frame of reference, their perception of reality is severely skewed towards the cult leader's agenda. This cycle is amplified as it is repeated; as they indoctrinate third-generation children, their increased and unhindered bias skews childhood training even further towards the cult leader's agenda.

Adjustment to non-cult life is excruciatingly painful for those who were born into a religious cult. They never formed an identity prior to joining, and suddenly lost the one formed by childhood training. While other former members are quickly finding "normal", these former members find themselves struggling just to find solid ground for "baby steps" away from cult life. As they begin to form new ideas and opinions, they face setbacks when they realize those new opinions were biased with a cult frame of reference. These former members must take time to find themselves before finding freedom. An identity must be established. They must learn who they are, what they believe, and why they believe it. Without first building this foundation, any opinions formed are subject to frequent change as their identity is established.