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New and Exciting Transition - Personal Testimonies

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New and Exciting Transition - Personal Testimonies:

You've asked. We answered.

During the past several months, Seek The Truth has been gradually transitioning the website from a focus on the negative experiences of our past to healing and the positive experiences we can look forward to in future. As many former members are aware, these positive experiences are very difficult to find without healing. Many of you have already noticed that the transition in our blog is a shift in focus away from an exposition of our roots (William Branham and his "Message" cult following). Though we have not yet publicly announced it, some have noticed the changes to our public website.

In recent months, several have contacted us, both asking to submit and asking to read testimonies from others who have escaped the "Message" and similar religious cults. By knowing others share similar experiences before, during and after leaving a cult, former members know that they are not alone. There is healing to be found in sharing and reading accounts of these experiences, whether those experiences are good or bad. Those still struggling can sympathize with others having difficult times, while looking forward to the positive experiences shared by those who have fully adjusted to their new life. In upcoming weeks, we will start sharing these testimonies.

If you have a testimony and are willing to share, please contact us on our website:

The format is simple: share your story. Some former members have already shared their stories with us, focusing on life as a cult member, what they liked, what they disliked, and what made them decide to leave. Many have chosen different pathways after leaving, some Christian, some not. Some who remained Christian also retained their fundamentalist and Pentecostal roots, some did not. Some, bruised by the harsh experiences of the cult, remain undecided which pathway they will choose. All share common experiences, face common trials, and have similar long-lasting effects from their time in the cult. Those who have shared their story have told us that it felt as though a heavy weight had been lifted as they poured their hearts out into the words of their story. The story can be short, the story can be long, or the story can be given to us as a collection of experiences as they come to memory.

We have but one request: avoid debate over a testimony. The collection of experiences have played a significant factor in the choices made in life for these former members. They are not speaking to proselytize or persuade others into their new beliefs, opinions, or current state of indecision. They are sharing experiences, in hopes that others can find healing. As many of you are well aware, it took a great deal of courage to share their story.

At first, some who submitted testimonies were concerned about retaliation, and expressed valid fears of physical harm. Some of those who remain in dangerous or troubling situations have decided to share anonymously. Some have changed their opinion on this, however, realizing the power in numbers. As more people share their story, more people escape to safety and eventually freedom. Because of this, and realizing the impact their story can have with their name attached, many are deciding to speak publicly. Whether you decide to be named or speak anonymously, we will do our best to review and remove portions that might place you and/or your family at risk. This being said, please leave out any portions that might place you in legal or personal injury risk unless all identifying material has been removed.

The changes you see now are a result of a transition that began in November of 2015. Once we identified the cult's creation by leaders of the Ku Klux Klan (Roy E. Davis and William D. Upshaw, etc), as well as the links to the creation and re-establishment of other religious cults (Jim Jones, John Alexander. Dowie, etc), it became apparent that William Branham was just a pawn in a much larger game. As all of the pieces started fitting together, and considering the volume of money that flowed through the business entities associated with William Branham and his Voice of Healing "healer" generating machine, William Branham and his "Message" felt insignificant. Having this background information, focusing on William Branham would seem like focusing on the getaway driver in a bank robbery. Yes, he drove the vehicle that enabled both unethical and criminal activity, but there were far more powerful men planning and executing past, present, and future crimes.

We look forward to sharing these testimonies with you, and look forward to hearing new testimonies as they come in. Of all the changes we have been making to the website and blog, we feel that this will be the most helpful to all former members of the "Message" and other religious cults.

John Collins
Founder, Seek The Truth