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Keepers of the Faith

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Keepers of the Faith:

Followers devoted to a leader who holds valuable information are not only devoted to their leader, they are also devoted to the information. Information is a fundamental part of their group, and is a significant reason why they are following the leader. Members of these types of groups spend countless hours studying the information, confirming its accuracy, educating themselves in how to relay the information to others, and becoming intimately familiar with every aspect.

Religious cults, by nature, fit this description. Leaders of religious cults claim to hold "hidden secrets" unknown to others of their faith. It is this "secret" information that religious cults use to claim superiority to outsiders. Central figures are the holder of information, and cult followers dedicate their lives to the belief and spreading of this information. Yet, as unbelievable as it sounds, they place very little value on that information.

The majority of followers in a religious cult are unaware of much information that is sacred to the group. If asked if they believe, they would quickly say that they "agree with every word" of the leader's message to the world. But if asked what that "message" was, most cult followers are unable to answer. Those who do are often in disagreement with other members, resulting in different sects of the cult group. Not having critically examined the information as followers of healthy groups would, they are unaware that in many cases, both sides of any argument are in alignment with conflicting cult information.

Should a good follower mistakenly join a cult, they would diligently examine and study cult information. If documentation did not exist, they would help provide it. If conflicts were found, they would ask questions to better understand. Even negative information would be noted; a good follower is prepared to give a response. By displaying qualities of a good follower, most would leave a cult.