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Following the Leader

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Following the Leader:

When researchers publish studies examining religious cults, they typically focus on the central figure as the only destructive force behind the cult's creation. It is very easy to identify harmful doctrine, poor leadership skills, personality disorders, and other attributes pointing to the cult leader as the main problem. Without the leader, a cult could not exist.

It is easy to overlook the other half of the equation. Without cult members, a cult would also not exist. While their assessment of the central figure is accurate in many ways, it is a grave error to overlook the attributes of followers that also lead to a cult's creation. The central figure may fall short in an evaluation of good leadership skills, but cult followers also fall short in the skills of a good follower. Often, they are not aware; never having studied the qualities of a good follower.

A good follower does not simply join a group to exist as a member. Good followers have infinite knowledge and understanding of who it is they are following and why. Good followers who do not yet have this knowledge and understanding will not rest until they have acquired it. Should the leader withhold critical information, a good follower will press even harder to find answers, because they are continually thinking about the leader and his agenda. More specifically, they are critically examining information to better understand what the leader has going for them, and what they are up against. Good followers are not afraid of negative information. They believe in the leader, and believe there are solid answers to any critical information.

Most cult followers do not display the attributes of a good follower. They are not fully aware, and are comfortable with limited understanding. They avoid critical information for fear of what they might find, and do not critically examine their leader or his or her claims. Cults thrive because of this, and as a result, cult leaders are empowered.