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Self-Awareness With Self Control

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Self-Awareness With Self Control:

When former members of a religious cult begin to examine the qualities of good leaders, one personality trait stands out above the rest: self-awareness. Not only are good leaders aware of their objectives, they are aware of their own actions and results those actions produced. Self-awareness enables a good leader to adjust technique and improve their leadership skills. With self-awareness, good leaders can display self-control. The combination of these two results a very powerful personality trait: humility.

Good leaders do not have to work at being humble; it comes naturally. They lead by staying perfectly in tune with the needs of others, continually seeking feedback to improve. They are open to criticism, and willing to admit imperfections or mistakes. They are humble because they want others to succeed, not because they want to be seen as such.

Cult leaders may start in "humility", but over time, it becomes apparent that they are having to work very hard at being "humble". As narcissistic tendencies push them into blaming others for their shortcomings, their true personality is unmasked. Over time, cult followers are manipulated into thinking that their leader is still "humble", even when actions speak otherwise. Outsiders, however, are aware that this "humility" is not genuine.

Many people struggle with self-awareness and control. Because of their personality types, these do not come naturally. Under normal circumstances, however, people who cannot exercise self-control are not appointed into leadership positions. By critically examining their personality traits, those doing the appointing recognize the potential for failure in leadership. This can be difficult for former members of a cult. After years of being manipulated into viewing false humility as "humility", their understanding of self-awareness can be far out of adjustment. Once they understand, however, self-awareness improves.