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Who Was That Masked Man

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Who Was That Masked Man:

We want your help. Researchers have recently identified an abnormality in one of the photos used in our videos. In the scene captured by the camera, several children are facing the pews. On the right-hand side, a girl has her arm around a black figure. This black figure is in a position that looks to be kneeling behind the female on the bottom right, in front of two children and one adult man.

The abnormality?

The figure has been removed from the photograph, long before digital image manipulation existed. From the markings on the image, it appears that the figure has been carefully inked over or scratched out to remove them from being seen by the "Message" cult.

While we do not have access to the original photograph this digital copy was created from, the digital copy is still online at the "William Branham Homepage" website. It is labeled, "Congregation-40's":

We would like more information about this photograph. Information has recently been made public concerning William Branham's association with Rev. Jim Jones, and that Jim Jones was a "Message" pastor who held meetings with William Branham. Branham's involvement with Peoples Temple does not fit this timeline, however; 1940's would be too early for his association with Jim Jones.

Information concerning William Branham's ties to the Ku Klux Klan has also been made public recently, and those connections would fit this timeline. Immediately after Roy Davis and William Upshaw swindled the Los Angeles and San Bernardino area in an attempt to fund their white supremacy agendas, William Branham began his second attempt at a ministry. Assuming this was a children's choir, Davis would be a fit from multiple angles. Davis was deeply involved with church music ministries, Branham's congregation the result of Davis' music ministry with Jeffersonville native Ralph Rader (Paul Rader's brother). Did Davis return in the 1940's to visit the congregation he stole from Rader? Or did he return for some other purpose?

Interestingly, there are crutches beside the person removed from the photograph. Was this Upshaw? Was he in the tabernacle before posing as a wheelchair invalid for William Branham's "healing"?

Any information you have concerning this photograph, please send it to us on the contact page of our website: