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William Branham's life story, as it aligns with historical research data. From his birth in the early 1900s, to his first years as a Pentecostal evangelist, to his second and third attempt at creating a "divine healing" cult following, this presentation examines the Post-WWII Healing Evangelist successes and failures as history records them.

Key figures in this video include:

William Marrion Branham - founder of the "Message" cult following and creator of the Manifested Sons of God sect of Latter Rain

F. F. Bosworth - Founder of Assemblies of God and turn-of-the-century faith healer

David du Plessis - Pentecostal representative to the World Council of Churches

A. W. Rasmussen - Latter Rain minister under Independent Assemblies of God (IAOG) leadership

Joseph Mattsson-Boze - Latter Rain minister under IAOG leadership

Jim Jones - founder of Peoples Temple and Latter Rain minister under IAOG leadership and Manifested Sons of God faith healer

Roy E. Davis - Imperial Grand Dragon of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

William D. Upshaw - High ranking Klansman and leader of the Temperance movement

Otto Wathen - Owner of R. E. Wathen Distilleries