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William Branham - A Historical View of a Non-Historical Legacy

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William Branham - A Historical View of a Non-Historical Legacy:

Through the years, many of you have asked for a biography of William Branham told from a historical viewpoint, using the research data we've collected, current events as it relates to William Branham's life, and the men he associated with. As some of you know, that project has been on hold until the passing of my grandfather, and the research data is being compiled for an upcoming book, "William Branham: The Preacher Behind the White Hoods.

While this is not the full story, and does not include any of the personal details shared by my grandfather and others, it is enough to whet your appetite!

"William Branham: A Historical View of a Non-Historical Legacy" is a brief overview of some of the research data we have collected over the years. It examines many things that we already knew, but combined with information we did not have, examines them from a much different viewpoint.

We hope you enjoy the presentation. It is presented in such a way that you can share with your friends and loved ones still under the influence of "the Message", giving them information about William Branham, his associates, and his family that they did not know.

The Video: