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No Longer Homesick

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No Longer Homesick:

Destructive religious cult leaders make their group seem more appealing by manipulating members into seeing the outside world as less desirable. While non-cult churches motivate members to work together and make the world a better place, cult groups manipulate members into believing the world is not worth saving. As the group's level of isolation increases, their opinion of the rest of the world decreases. The isolation results in a natural homesick feeling. As cult members separate themselves either physically or emotionally from friends and family outside the group, fond memories of life outside the cult bring emotions much too strong to be suppressed or manipulated. Instead, they must be refocused.

Cult leaders manipulate members into feeling homesick for the afterlife by using members' emotions to their advantage. Often, members are so focused upon passing beyond this life that they have no desire to enjoy it. Worse, they have little to no concern for the "lost and dying" outside the cult. Because non-cult members do not accept the central figure's authority, they are also "not worth saving". Because they've been manipulating into seeing their cult as the "forces of good", the outside world must be controlled by the "forces of evil". According to the theology of destructive cults, evil must be purged.

This results in emotional displacement. As the homesick feeling is refocused upon the afterlife, the void is filled with fear. When cult members are manipulated into fearing the outside world, emotions associated with the outside world are displaced. Fear of life turns into longing for death. This can be dangerous if cult members remain in this state for extended periods of time; eventually they will lose value in their own lives. While alive, the homesick feeling is never satisfied, creating another void that cannot be filled. When cult members escape, however, their reintegration into society fills the void.