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VOGR Claims Message Banned In Russia As Extremism

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VOGR Claims Message Banned In Russia As Extremism:

Recently, VOGR published an article claiming that at least 21 sermons were identified as extremism by "Russian prosecutors", and claimed that they were at risk of being "banned". A former member of the "Message" cult sent us a link to the article, and it didn't take long before questions were raised. Is cult headquarters being honest with cult members?

After describing the situation, the article further attempts to stir up additional fear and unrest among cult members, citing "rumors" that cult members would be arrested:

"Recently, an accusation has been brought by Russian prosecutors, calling Brother Branham's Message "extremism." Prosecutors are moving to have at least 21 sermons, including the Church Age book, banned in that country. It was rumored that there were arrests concerning this issue and a container of material was confiscated, but those rumors are not true." - VOGR

To any who have studied the similarities between the "Message" cult and other religious cults, this claim is very concerning. Before many destructive cults imploded, their leaders began claiming that world governments were against their doctrine. Some of those, such as Jim Jones' Peoples Temple or David Koresh's Branch Dividians, ended in horrific tragedies.

The article fails to mention ... what ... "prosecutors", or for what reason these allegations were raised. Where they "prosecutors" for the Kremlin, who identified Branham's promotion of Roy E. Davis and the Ku Klux Klan agenda? Were they Oblast "prosecutors" for the Russian Federation, who identified Branham's connection to Rev. Jim Jones through Branham's "Manifested Sons of God" Latter Rain theology? Were they local "prosecutors" who identified Branham's promotion of child and spousal abuse, praising men who beat children until they were bedridden with bruises and welts so big they "you couldn't get the clothes over the top of them"? Or were they appointed prosecutors for a criminal trial after Branham's extremist statements were actually put into action by some unfortunate cult member? It would not be surprising if cult leaders are inventing a Russian "Religious Hall of Extremism", similar to William Branham's invention of a "Religious Hall of Art".

Voice of God Recordings claims that statements were "spliced" together to "distort" Branham's viewpoints:

"Prosecutors are arguing extremism; however, their evidence is distorted. Whoever brought the case against us picked quotes from various sermons, and spliced them together in a way that misrepresents what Brother Branham was trying to say. We hope the court will see this distortion of facts and rule accordingly." - VOGR

Is this true? Does one need to "splice" Branham's statements together to prove extremism? Take Branham's promotion of physically abusing naked children. In just two sentences, one can easily identify the mind of a very disturbing extremist, one that actually ... should ... be banned from every country:

"She'd beat her till she'd be so full of welts, you couldn't get the clothes over the top of them. That's what needs to be done tonight. That's right." - William Branham, 56-0728

It would make more sense if they had mentioned the videos of current cult leader Joseph Branham in Russia, claiming that the "Message" (not the Bible) was his "absolute", and that "every word" of Branham must be believed, whether extremist or not.

In the article, VOGR claims that a "court" is to decide on the "21 sermons" on Monday, November 20. They further elevate the fear and unrest of cult members by claiming that if these "21 sermons" are banned, the entire collection is at risk:

"The court date is scheduled for Monday, November 20, when a judge will hear arguments on both sides. The court could decide on 21 sermons, either deeming them "extremist" material and banning them from the country, or allowing the literature to remain. If banned, then there will probably be a push to ban all the English and Russian translations of Brother Branham's Message." - VOGR

Does this make logical sense? If the "Message" were being banned nationally as extremism, would not the Russian government push to ban the religion itself -- including ALL sermons -- to eliminate the growth and spread of an extremist organization? Is the Russian government using 21 examples to prove extremism, or is the entire situation a complete fabrication?

Those who have escaped the undue influence of the "Message" cult, and have restored their ability to critically examine claims by cult leaders, find many unusual scenarios hidden behind these statements. We find no news of such a "trial", or the events leading up to such an event of "national security", though it would be a very hot topic for even United States news agencies. Would not there be some catastrophe or criminal activity leading up to this "trial?" For such a "secretive case", the Russian government would have identified money laundering or racketeering. Based off of the tax records and alleged shell corporations we published on our "records" page, we know that "all things are possible". ;)

Personally, I suspect there to be a follow-up article describing the upcoming "miracle", just as there was a few years ago when a very similar scenario "took place" in Russia.

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