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Update and Correction - VOGR Claims Message Banned In Russia As Extremism

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Update and Correction - VOGR Claims Message Banned In Russia As Extremism:

Earlier today, we published an article discussing claims made by William Branham's "Message" cult headquarters, Voice of God Recordings, that 21 sermons are at risk of being removed in Russia. As we examined their claims, several questions were raised. For those who missed it:

As always, should information be given to us that proves our information to be incorrect, we offer to publish an apology and correction. While a large part of VOGR's article remains in question, it was brought to our attention that the article might be twisting the facts to mask a much different issue than "21 sermons being banned". Though it doesn't necessarily merit an apology, for the sake of providing solid facts, we decided to publish an update and correction to our previous blog post.

Believe The Sign has informed us that there ... are ... current laws in effect in Russia since 2016 that potentially impact the "Message" cult distribution. It is not specifically targeting the sermons of William Branham as VOGR's article implies, however. It impacts a large number of evangelic activities from a wide range of religious affiliation. All evangelical churches are being scrutinized. Believe The Sign has published a link to an article that describes the situation in further detail:

Interestingly, the Jehovah's Witness cult made national news with a similar claim. To members of the JW cult, it would seem as if Russia was specifically targeting the doctrine of "Laodicean Messenger" Charles Taze Russell. (Which is ironically similar to William Branham's own doctrine in many ways.)

Upon further examination, however, it appears the "Yarovaya Law" has one provision that could actually apply to 21 of William Branham's sermons. While the Russian definition of "extremism" covers a broad spectrum of religious affiliation, it also introduces criminal liability for "planning, perpetrating, or has perpetrated terrorist activity." If this were the case, the "rumors" of criminal prosecution might actually be spreading.

Given that there appear to be huge discrepancies, unethical tactics, and alleged "shell corporations" behind Voice of God Recording's amassing hundreds of millions of dollars, it is quite possible they ... are ... under investigation as a terroristic organization.

Is Voice of God Recordings being honest about 21 sermons (and not the "Message denomination" itself) being banned from Russia? Has the Russian government taken notice of Branham's affiliation with high ranking members of the Ku Klux Klan while supporting the Klan's anti-Catholic, anti-interracial marriage, anti-desegregation agenda? Has Branham's promotion of abuse, mysogeny, white supremacy, and ties to Rev. Jim Jones placed the "Message" cult in a different category than all other evangelical Christians? Is the "Message" cult a terroristic organization?

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