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The Power of Information

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The Power of Information:

The immediate effects of learning that one has been manipulated by the control of information are intense. Former members of destructive cults often suffer severe anguish upon learning that many they trusted were concealing or misrepresenting information that would have resulted in many different choices in life. Their trust has been violated in ways that, in many cases, cannot be repaired. In the worst cases, they have been violated by close friends and family. Many former members refer to this time period as their "angry stage". They become so focused upon their current state of affairs and missed opportunities that they often overlook the underlying cause of their grief: lack of information.

Information is power. Had the former members been fully informed prior to joining the cult, they would not have joined. Had those born into the cult been fully informed during their coming of age, they would have left. Many who escape destructive cults mistakenly focus their anger at those who conceal the information, when in many cases, they had other means to access information all along. Deep inside, they realize that by not critically examining the cult's claims, they are as much to blame.

Some former members become so intent upon avoiding self-examination that they become obsessed with conspiracy theories and endless scrutiny of history, politics, and religion. "If they have lied, who else has lied?" they often ask, as they become skeptical of a wide variety of experts in many fields. They do not realize that they are repeating the same patterns of error that resulted in their current situation; they are once again guided by emotion and fear rather than critical information.

Those who have experienced this and are able to overcome learn a valuable life lesson: seek and find information, critically examine it, and make informed decisions. Most conspiracy theories fade into myth or fable as critical information gives them decision making power.