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In The Mouth of Three Witnesses

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In The Mouth of Three Witnesses:

Some destructive religious cult leaders convince elite members of the group to believe that the end justifies the means. Specific members trusted by the cult leader are aware that some information is not correct, but see this information as "lies for the sake of a holy end". Under manipulation by the leader, these members believe their false statements can elevate the faith of others in the group to achieve supernatural effects and even salvation. Cult leaders call upon these elite members as "witnesses" to their supernatural abilities. They testify to support the leader's claims, fully aware that they are being deceptive. In their minds, the deception is reconciled by the outcome: increased faith in the central figure.

As former members are awakening, and their ability to critically think is starting to surface, this type of practice becomes apparent. Since the "testimonies" are not authentic, they are often inconsistent. Details change over time, and often do not match the central figure's claims. Multiple versions of the same story enter cult mythology, and though conflicting with each other, are widely accepted by members whose critical thought is being suppressed. The result of this is an endless cycle of the central figure adjusting his claims to match the "witnesses" while the "witnesses" adjust to match the central figure. Claims of "undeniable truth" quickly become moving targets.

Realizing these "witnesses" are using unethical tactics to surrender authority of the entire group to the central figure, former members often view the higher-ranking cult members as villains rather than victims. In many cases, however, those who can be controlled to this level are being manipulated into their actions. More controlled, in fact, than rank-and-file members who would never participate in such deception. This is a clear display of altered perspective; for former members, the end no longer justifies the means.