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A Change In Perspective

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A Change In Perspective:

The level of change in cult members can easily be measured by the level of awkwardness that is created when visitors join cult group meetings or gatherings. Those on the verge of awakening often notice the cult leaders avoiding the more controversial topics and the other members showering visitors with kindness. When the cult's rules include changes in physical appearance, and the visitors are not obeying these rules, the sudden reduction to the levels of condemnation create an eye-opening contrast. Cult members often find themselves watching the expressions of non-cult family visitors very closely, and offering explanations or even apologies for statements made by cult leaders.

To the visitor, however, the situation is even more uncomfortable. Without having been exposed to subtle adjustments in perspective, or having been gradually introduced to cult information in small doses followed by undue influence, even the most thorough explanations will never be understood. Non-cult visitors have not been influenced using the same unethical tactics, and often have already researched the more controversial topics. Close family may smile and nod their heads to satisfy the cult member's need to defend cult beliefs, but are very aware of the love-bombing and delicate handling of cult information. When cult members present information in a way that does not come naturally, non-cult visitors can easily sense the discomfort.

Just as visitors are aware that cult members are not being transparent about the information they hold, cult members can often sense the lack of transparency by cult leaders. Cult members often come in contact with uncomfortable information. When this happens, cult leaders are forced to change their perspective about that information, warn those aware to conceal it, or remove them from the group. Even simple questions can lead to termination. Information is power, and destructive cults fear members who hold it.