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London Street Preachers - Awareness

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London Street Preachers - Awareness:

We were contacted by people from the London, Ontario area, whose lives have been impacted by the "street preachers". Having been exposed to the darker side of William Branham's teachings, it became evident that leaders of "the Message" have concealed this information from the religious community. They asked that we create an informational brochure to help spread awareness of William Branham, his doctrine, concealed information, and the street preachers.

As it turns out, these "street preachers" are targeting more than London, Ontario. People have contacted us to describe their hate speech from Canada all the way to Florida in the United States. We have created a brochure that can easily be printed and distributed in cities affected by these and other "street preachers" of "the Message". The brochure will also be helpful for cities having "Message" churches, as these churches also promote the same hate speech by distributing the sermons of William Branham.

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The brochure (pdf):

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More information about the "street preachers":
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