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Clear and Present Danger

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Clear and Present Danger:

Manipulation of information and perception is very powerful when combined with behavior and thought control. It can also be very dangerous. As perception of information changes, the lines between good and evil are often blurred. From supremacy and hate groups to doomsday and extremist cults, history has recorded numerous tragic events performed by groups of people subjected to manipulation and control. Without balance of power, any religious cult has the potential to become harmful and even fatal.

While any destructive cult can turn dangerous without warning, some groups display warning signs. Though members may not recognize these signs, they are very obvious to any from the outside looking in. One such warning sign is abuse, and the perception of abuse and abusers. In the worst cases, some religious cults promote abuse. Some cults promote physical abuse, such as spankings, beatings, burning, or physical discomfort. In extreme cases, cults promote sexual abuse and molestation. The most common form of abuse in a religious cult is verbal and emotional abuse. The warning sign is found in how this information is perceived.

When cult members defend the central figure's statements promoting abuse, or support an abusive member while condemning his or her victims, the group has a very high probability of becoming harmful. In groups that have reached this level of manipulation, the victims are often blamed for their "sins" while the abuser is "justified" in his or her criminal activity. As this information propagates through the group, the door is opened for other predators. The potential for danger increases exponentially.

Another warning sign is found in the concealing of this terrible information. When cult leaders are aware of abusers in the group and do not warn followers, they place every member in danger of another crime. Outsiders recognize the danger, but cult members are manipulated in such a way that they cannot see.