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Loving Our Fellow Man

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Loving Our Fellow Man:

Denigration is a fundamental part of behavior modification. While praising cult members whose behavior patterns conform to the group, cult leaders speak critically of non-cult members for failing to conform. In many cases, those criticized have never been approached by the cult leader, and are unfairly judged without warning. This contrast is very powerful to cult members whose core behavior patterns have been adjusted to conform to the group. Not only are those condemned seen as "outsiders", they begin to appear inferior simply for not knowing that they "need" to adjust their behavior.

This problem is amplified by the overarching theme that the cult group was built upon. Using the cult's specific doctrine to assure members of "safety" in the cult as they condemn outsiders for non-cult behavior, the same level of contrast is applied to the "safety". Cult members become indoctrinated to believe that those in the cult are "safe" while those outside the cult are "damned". Worse, because their core belief system has been altered, they feel no urgency to rescue outsiders from damnation. Instead, cult members revel in the thought of their destruction.

When cult members awaken, this aspect of their behavior modification is painful. As natural instinct readjusts their core behavior patterns, the survival of human life becomes a dominant part of their belief system. Not only do they feel deep regret for denigrating behavior patterns, they become very angry at current cult members for abandoning that natural instinct. At the same time, they question whether or not current members really believe cult doctrine. They begin to say things like, "If they really believe it, they'd try to rescue as many people as possible". After their natural sense of humanity is reestablished, they cannot fathom abandoning it. It takes a great deal of time and patience for former members to understand core behavior adjustment, even after escaping it.