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Freedom From Abuse

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Freedom From Abuse:

Those who escape from cult groups with physically or sexually abusive leaders and elders must be careful how much of their story that is shared, and with whom they share it. Those actively or recently victimizing members in their group are at risk of prosecution. Many of them will stop at nothing to contain their secret crimes, and sharing information about them may result in blackmail, bodily harm, and even murder. When members of their group escape, some cult leaders send people posing as escapees into support groups to report information shared.

In the many States in the U.S., there is a statute of limitations preventing the prosecution of abusers after a period of just three years. These physically or sexually abusing members of their cult group are aware that after that time expires, they cannot be convicted of their terrible crimes. As a result, many of them continue their abuse for several years.

If the abuse is recent, former members should report it to the proper authorities. Abusers seldom reform without correction, counseling, and in some cases, medication. Knowing their crimes are within a time frame for justice, those abusing others will be even more determined to evade prosecution. If the abuse happened beyond the statute of limitations, and evidence displays a pattern of abuse, those at risk should be notified before predators and abusers find more victims. Rather than relaying this information in private, however, the transfer of information should happen in a public setting with multiple witnesses present, during a busy time of the day. Avoid relaying the information to a single person. Public shopping malls and busy coffee shops are safe places for warning others since many people are nearby.

By reporting these crimes to the proper authorities and warning potential victims, physical and sexual abuse can be stopped. Those same potential victims can find freedom from abuse, and hopefully, freedom from the cult.