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Individual Voices As One

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Individual Voices As One:

As former members of a destructive cult share their stories with each other, they are often shocked to hear how different each person's experiences were. Though two separate people may have met at the same gathering place for years, they often are describing what seems like two different cults. In some cases, husband and wives who escape together share their experiences with each other, and suddenly realize that neither one knew what the other thought, felt, or believed. Cults often use this to their advantage, labeling the escapees as "crazy" or "confused".

Long-term manipulation into accepting cult doctrine has a much different effect on different people. Some have fully accepted the cult's belief system, without much cognitive effort in reconciling the fundamental flaws that exist in the cult's doctrine. This is especially true with those born and raised in the cult; they fully accepted their parents' statements regarding cult doctrine as truth without critically examining it. New recruits, analytical minds, and those who accidentally stumble onto large problems with cult doctrine often wrestle to understand the more controversial issues. As their minds process the information, it often becomes a much different version of the doctrine than those who accepted without mentally fighting against the manipulation. While under the control of the cult, members continually refine their beliefs, attempting to ignore and suppress any thoughts or feelings that do not align to the group.

Once they awaken, however, these thoughts and feelings cannot be ignored or suppressed. They were bits and pieces of their individuality that had tried to surface, but could not break through the cult's thought control. Each one contained a small glimpse of their authentic self as their minds tried to reconcile impossible issues. No longer manipulated into conforming to the group, they finally surface as individual voices of experience.