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Branham "Message" Commission To London Street Preachers

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Branham "Message" Commission To London Street Preachers:

Many have condemned the street preachers from London Ontario who have brought international attention to the streets of London by screaming insults at passersby. Calling women "whores" and "prostitutes", cult preachers Matthew Carapella and Steve Ravbar have caused such a problem that London City officials are holding special meetings to determine a course of action.

Those speaking out against the two "condemners" are not limited to the people of London, however. Even those in William Branham's "Message" cult have spoken against the two. Defending cult doctrine, Branham's followers claim that these insults were to be spoken only behind closed doors, and never spoken publicly in an insulting way.

But is this true?

William Branham often hurled insults against women from behind the pulpit. Qualifying his statements by saying those insults were not intended for cult women, many seemed to miss his statements regarding the original purpose of their creation, and by whom they were created. In Branham's theology, women were "designed by satan" and the evil creator "designed them to deceive" in such a way that "there is no hog, no dog, or no other animal, designed like her or can stoop as low as she can stoop."

He also (on multiple occasions) commanded men of his cult to be very outspoken against those who did not adhere to his cult doctrine.

William Branham:

Old John, full of the Holy Ghost (Could you imagine holding him back?) walked right straight up in his face, and said, "It's not lawful for you to have her." That's right. God, give us some Johns. {...} God, give us some more Baptists like that. That's exactly right. Stood and said, "It's not lawful for you to have her." {...} The only woman in the Bible that ever painted her face to meet a man, was Jezebel, and God fed her to the dogs. So if you see any of these people that's supposed to be so good, and got the Holy Ghost. You can say, "How do you do, Miss Dog Meat." That's what God calls her, is dog meat, for him. You see? All right. Let me tell you what we need today is preachers would take the gloves off and stand in the pulpit, and claim the full Gospel of Jesus Christ with the power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost. Get the people… You have to shake them a little bit this way, and compromise a little bit this way.
-- Branham, 52-0810A - I Am The Resurrection And The Life

The Matthew Carapella we see today destroying the community with condemnation is not the authentic Matthew Carapella. He is not acting from the heart. Only a few years ago, Matthew was giving to the community, building futures for needy children and offering them for a better life. His drastic change came only after being manipulated and influenced by Branham's "Message" cult. He is a cult creation, "born anew" to insult women as William Branham instructed. Contrary to what the cult is now claiming, he is actually adhering to "the Message" more than those who do not call women "dogmeat" or worse.

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