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Mayor of London Asks For Calm As "Message" Cult Preacher Confrontations Get Physical

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Mayor of London Asks For Calm As "Message" Cult Preacher Confrontations Get Physical:

Men and women in London, Ontario are starting to stand up against the the insults William Branham used against women in his sermons as those same insults are repeated on the streets of London. Women have complained to both city officials and local news about the men — Steven Ravbar and Matthew Carapella — who frequently call women "whores" and "prostitutes" for wearing pants or having short hair. Their preaching of William Branham's hate speech against women has finally resulted in physical violence.

The Mayor of London has asked for the city to be calm in the situation. We must remember that these two men, though spreading William Branham's doctrine of condemnation to passersby, are victims of the manipulation and control. While the two cult preachers must be held responsible for their actions, the cult itself should be held responsible for the doctrine they are using to spread hatred and condemnation.

The men we see on the streets of London need the help of those willing. They are victims of the programmed cult mindset.

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