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Taking Back Control

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Taking Back Control:

Understanding the many ways in which the central figure affected their lives is a difficult process for former cult members, but one that reaps great reward. Having been manipulated through both fear and fantasy, every aspect of their understanding of the world around them has been potentially altered. Not only does a central figure manipulate the core belief system of his or her followers, they manipulate the way their followers think.

World conflict or catastrophic events are viewed much differently by former cult members than those who have never been exposed to a cult. Religious cult leaders capitalize on current events that bring fear by amplifying that fear for their own agenda. With each natural disaster, former cult members often spend more time considering the "spiritual application" of the event than they do the humanitarian efforts to help the survivors. Though foreign nations have engaged in battle for millennia, battles that make national news are given special attention as if each new conflict is an event signaling the End of Days. Without understanding the mechanics of the cult, including the personality disorder(s) the central figure could not contain, former cult members face challenges finding proper perspective.

By examining how and why their core belief system was manipulated, former cult members can find balance. Though much of the fantasy they lived was a creation of the central figure's mind, there was a series of events leading to that creation. The alternate reality they left behind was a result of both successes and failures that attracted a following and shaped the cult leader into the authoritative figure that took control. Understanding this history and how it relates to the psychological structure of a cult helps former members identify areas of manipulation. Not only do they begin to learn why the cult leader would influence their thoughts, they begin to understand why they think the way that they do.