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Looking For The Missing Recordings of William Branham and Jim Jones from 1957

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Looking For The Missing Recordings of William Branham and Jim Jones from 1957:

We need your help.

Researchers recently identified a second series of meetings William Branham held at Peoples Temple and Cadle Tabernacle with Rev. Jim Jones in June of 1957.

According to the article, Services were at 10:00 AM, 2:30 PM, and 7:30 PM. Morning services were held at Peoples Temple 1502 N New Jersey, Indianapolis, IN. Afternoon and evening services held at the Cadle Tabernacle in Indianapolis, IN. William Branham was to preach Tuesday June 11 through Friday June 15, at 2:30 PM and 7:30 PM. In attendance were Reverend Jim Jones, T. L. Osborne, F. F. Bosworth, Tommy Hicks, Laurence T Hosie, and more.

William Branham actually preached on Monday, June 10 with the sermon "Faith Once Delivered To The Saints" (57-0610). Assuming he did not preach the morning service, this would be 9 sermons Branham preached jointly with Jim Jones in 1957.

Voice of God Recordings has given us access to just four sermons during this joint meeting with Branham and Jones, and there are [ -ed] edits either purposefully or mistakenly covering portions of speech with the host minister (Rev. Jim Jones). We would like access to the missing sermons, and the text that is "blank".

This is the second confirmed series of meetings William Branham held with Jim Jones and Peoples Temple. We can only assume there were others, not documented. Rev. Jim Jones has been identified as a "Message" minister during William Branham, Joseph Mattsson-Boze, and A.W. Rasmussen's time of public support of Latter Rain, and was a long-time supporter of Branham's "Latter Rain Manifest Sons" theology. Access to these missing recordings would provide valuable insight into that version of the "Message" before Branham and other ministers began denying involvement.

If you, or anyone you know, have access to magnetic recordings from June 1957, please contact us: