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The Awakening

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The Awakening:

Modern technology has changed the way we live and think. Advancements in science and medicine have improved the lives of millions. Many diseases once feared no longer threaten or destroy. Modern convenience has improved quality of life. The internet has enabled multitudes of people to share information across the globe within seconds. On a large scale, both awareness and education are spreading at levels unseen since world history has been recorded.

The uninformed, uneducated landscape the cults once thrived upon is quickly diminishing. The demographic of people easily lured into a cult through deceitful tactics and control of information are now skeptical of groups who do not fully disclose hidden agenda. They have the technology to confirm all suspicion. When cult members attempt to recruit, and encounter the informed population, they are suddenly faced with internal questions that often lead to their awakening. The percentage of people externally recruited into cults is decreasing while the percentage of people recruited by birth is increasing.

In times past, religious cults were able to limit the information their members had accessible by forbidding television, radio, telephone or newspaper. This is difficult in today's world. All types of media come in many different forms. World news comes by television, radio, internet, digital billboards, cell phone news tickers, and more. Many occupations require multiple forms of communication, and cults are no longer able to exercise the same level of control of information.

As a result, many cult members have awakened. Whether making their decision to leave or on their journey to healing, they need support. From learning to cope with abandonment to healing from emotional scars, these making their escape are looking to others to guide them to the same freedom we enjoy. By sharing experiences, successes and failures, we have the power to dramatically change lives for the better.