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For The Children

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For The Children:

In the past few decades, some 2.5 million Americans have joined cults. Though the vast majority of them were recruited without realizing what they were joining, many of them bore children while under the control and influence of a cult. While those who joined did so by choice, their children did not. These children, the "second generation adults", mistakenly assumed their parents joined after making an informed decision. They were raised to accept the cult's core doctrine without questioning the belief system.

Had the parents been fully aware of controversial information, they would have never joined. Had they been made aware later and educated their children, their children would never have stayed after reaching maturity. This cycle continues with each generation. Cult leaders conceal controversial information. Parents, learning by example, conceal information from their children. This enables a destructive cult to thrive and grow with very little criticism.

Cult members who awaken pose a threat to this system. Rather than conceal the controversial information, they seek to uncover it. Once identified, many attempt to share it. Unfortunately, this can be very painful for the cult members who have not yet or may never awaken. Mothers, fathers, spouses, children, friends, and family of the cult feel insulted or threatened when this happens. While their emotions manifest in different ways, their pain is just as intense as it is for the former cult member. Suddenly, friction is introduced into the relationship.

It is this friction that breaks the generation cycle. Former cult members are suddenly faced with a side of their spouse or family that they had never seen before. They associate this friction to the cult, and struggle harder to break free. Their eyes become focused upon freedom -- not simply for themselves, but for their future generations. At all costs, they will not see their children subjected to oppression.