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Remembering The Good Times

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Remembering The Good Times:

Once a cult member awakens, many of their fond memories are mistakenly associated with negative experiences. Overwhelmed by the gravity of having been either lured or born into a religious cult, the burden of weight from bad memories has severe impact on otherwise pleasant life experiences. As former cult members weigh their memories in the scales of time, they find it difficult to separate good experiences from bad. Cherished memories are placed onto the same scale as memories that bring feelings of resentment or fear. Bad memories, and all the baggage that goes with them, carry a lot of weight. Because of this, those same cherished memories become associated with uncomfortable emotion. Rather than sifting through painful experiences to determine the source of the added burden of weight, many former cult members do not fully process their memories.

It is very difficult, even painful to separate these memories. By doing so, former cult members subject themselves to an almost unbearable pain. To process their memories, many must relive abrasive or terrifying experiences they remember from the cult they left behind. This process, however, is vitally important to finding freedom. Left unprocessed, these memories are a constant reminder that the cult was once in control. Like a long leash, they allow a former cult member to walk towards freedom only so far as the restraint will allow. These unprocessed memories are often suppressed, causing the pain to gradually increase over time. By allowing themselves to process the memories, the former cult member can eventually find peaceful ways to view an otherwise unfavorable past.