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Rev. Paul Cain

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Rev. Paul Cain:

Why are "Message" cult followers creating new "prophets" to "fulfill" the "prophecies" of WIlliam Branham that failed upon his death? Branham claimed that Paul Cain was the next "mighty prophet of God!"

He was also the next mighty healer!

Brother Paul Cain, he was here with us today, I suppose he's been fasting. Well, here, setting right behind me. My, he's young'd up a whole lot. I hardly know him anymore. He used to be kind of fat, but he's thinned up a little, and I hardly can tell him anymore. Seen him the other night in a vision at the... down at the Ramada Inn; to a lady he had prayed for and he'd been pray-... she'd been prayed for by him before, and I couldn't make him out, for a while. I was watching the vision. I said, "There's some man." At when he... I... Oh, the vision was closer, and I seen, then I said, "It's Paul Cain. He—He's the one that's prayed for you." And—and she—she was healed.
64-0209 - Countdown
Rev. William Marrion Branham