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FREE THIS WEEKEND!!! Jim Jones - The Malachi 4 Prophecy

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FREE THIS WEEKEND!!! Jim Jones - The Malachi 4 Prophecy:

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When Reverend William Branham prophesied of God's blessing of Reverend Jim Jones ministry during a joint Latter Rain healing campaign in Indianapolis, Indiana, he had no idea what he had started. As Jones took his place in line as a "Malachi 4 Elijah Prophet," a fuse was lit that would lead to an explosion the world may never forget.

The new book contains the documented, factual history (including references) of how William Branham's "Message" cult began. It also includes a handful of the other "Malachi 4 Elijah prophets" that inspired Branham. Over six years of research has been combined to form this historical account.

It is difficult when you first come in contact with the facts "Message" cult leaders have concealed for decades. But considering what happened at Jonestown, it is deadly if you do not.

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