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You asked! We answered! The full collection of research material is in the process of going live, available for all to see!

Our Facebook photos page has now expanded by almost 4 Gigabytes of data, including newspaper articles, court records, government documents, and more.

The records are presented in full -- newspaper articles that make William Branham's "Message" cult look like "Christians," and newspaper articles that expose the dirty secrets that "Message" cult pastors have concealed for decades.

As you can imagine, this is an extensive process. Over five years of research material has been collected, and a great deal of it has not yet even been processed. Some research data place our contacts inside the cult at risk, and cannot yet be published. Other research data places other researchers at risk, and cannot be published. Please be patient as we process the research data, and do not be surprised if we release it slowly to protect those who have worked so hard to bring this to you.

Information is powerful. More powerful even than the most oppressive mind control cult. Facts are immovable, like mountains in the desert sand. The more we release, the more people are set free.

You can find the research data in the albums of our Facebook Page here:

Alternatively, you can navigate to our Facebook page, click on "Photos", click on "Albums," and click on "See More."

Truth is spreading. Truth is powerful. Truth will stand against all scrutiny, no matter how many character assassinations, diversions, "red herrings," or Branham quotes are used as fear tactics.

We hope you enjoy!