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William Branham Prophesying Before His Birth

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William Branham Prophesying Before His Birth:

Each time we publish information concerning William Branham's failed bridge prophecy, wherein Branham claimed to have prophesied "twenty-two years" before the construction of the bridge, there is a common argument raised:

We don't know exactly what year he gave this [alleged] prophecy.

Branham, as you know, gave "spiritual" significance to the twenty-two years:

A little later on, about two weeks later I was playing marbles with my brother, and I felt something come to me. We lived up on a hill, and the river was below us: a wilderness around. And I saw a bridge come up out of the wilderness. And it started across the river. Sixteen men dropped off in—into the water and perished. And I seen a big sign, it said "twenty-two years." I run in and told my mother. Oh, she said, "Son, you're nervous. You went to sleep and you were dreaming." I said, "No. No. I saw it." So they wrote it down on a piece of paper. And twenty-two years from then, the great bridge crossed the river, and twen—sixteen men dropped off of it and—and drowned in the river. Every time, it's perfect.
55-0626A - My Life Story


This argument holds very little water, however.

The George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge was open for business in 1929. Construction began in 1928. Even if the men "dropped off of it and drown in the river" on the very day it opened, twenty-two years would have been 1907. (1929-22=1907).

1907 was one of William Branham's three "supernatural" birth years. At the time Branham made this claim, he was using "1909" as his birth year. (contrary to what Branham signed on government documents).

Again, we ask. Why do cult pastors not heed Branham's words? Why are they not flocking to Jeffersonville to see for themselves -- William Branham himself instructed them to!

Do they really believe that William Branham "prophesied" two years prior to his birth? Do they really believe Branham's "prophecies" are "more accurate than today's newspapers," and have not failed "one iota?"

... or have they known about Branham's failed prophecies for years, and chose a comfortable, steady income over being truthful with their victims?

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