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William Branham and Homosexuality

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William Branham and Homosexuality:

We have had a few requests recently for more information on the homosexual men that were key figures in William Branham's ministry. Most in the "Message" cult following of William Branham are strongly against homosexuality -- insomuch that many cult pastors view homosexual tendencies as an unpardonable sin. According to Lee Vayle, one of William Branham's closest associates, key figures in Branham's ministry were homosexual.

"And at that time there was with that group that went to Europe, a Christian Full Gospel businessman, identified with them, named Faery Von Blomberg-even the name is typical-Fairy? Not trying to be facetious, but look at it. It's absolutely true. That was his name, and he was an avowed homosexual. At the same time Leo and Gene, two homosexuals, attached themselves to Bro. Branham's ministry, tape boys, which was allowed by God, and when they absolutely showed what they were, God warned Bro. Branham what would happen to them. And I saw the vision in the vision book. "Leave them alone. They will leave and go into false doctrine." Now watch: doctrine. People hate the thought of doctrine. They don't want me to teach doctrine. They despise it."
-- Lee Vayle:

Why did William Branham surround himself with homosexual men? While the majority of the cult claims he was not, Branham did not deny the accusation:

"But, see, what did it do? (Then the man was picked up right there by the—the FBI from here, sent up there and picked him up up there, the Royal Mounted Police.) And the ministerial association come to me, and, "A homosexual," they say, "why, Brother Branham's probably the same thing. That's just the way it runs, see."
- Branham, 61-0618 - Revelation, Chapter Five #2

The trip to Europe Vayle is mentioning included a tour of Pigalle, the homosexual capital of the world at that time. It apparently had an effect on William Branham since he often referred to the sex district of Paris in his sermons.

More info on Pigalle:

While cult leaders and those under their influence are trained to despise homosexuality, William Branham promoted Gene Goad and Leo Mercier as "godly men." In fact, Branham claimed that the commune they started in Prescott, Arizona was a type of "Goshen," the "first place of worship."

Brother Leo, Brother Gene and pilgrims, I--I deem this one of the grand privileges that I've had, to come here to see for myself what you have here on these grounds. It's a... I have been blessed as I moved across the little creek there, and see this court. And I... One time when Brother Leo was making tapes, and I told him that surely there was something greater in life for him than to make tape. And, course, tape-making is something that we must do, but it's blessed us, but there is something else. We're all cut out for different things to do. And to come here this morning and look, this fine little Jerusalem setting out here, little, what I called, it Goshen, I believe, when we come over this morning. Remember, Goshen was one of the places that they worshipped, one of the first places the tent was pitched. And to meet old friends, and--and new, and to have this time allotted to us, I just... It seems like that--that you just don't want to leave. There's just something that wants to hold you. I can see why you people would want to stay here. See? It's something that grips you.
Branham, 64-0531

Sadly, this "Goshen" ended in tragedy. Until recently, the cult was able to conceal the information from their victims. Once documented in the California Supreme Court, it became very difficult for them to conceal.

Why has the cult concealed this information from its victims, rather than spread awareness to prevent future victims?

More on Gene & Leo's commune:

California Supreme Court Transcript, People vs. Loker 44 CAL. 4TH 691, 188 P.3D 580, 80 CAL. RPTR. 3D 630: