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William Branham Message Cult Controlling Government and Banking Systems

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William Branham Message Cult Controlling Government and Banking Systems:

An anonymous source has informed us that the "Message" cult's presence in Africa is much stronger than we initially assumed, and that the operations overseas may have more than simply religious motive. Apparently, the cult has positioned men into places of power and authority, giving cult leaders much stronger influence over wealth and decision.

For some time, we've been reviewing news from countries with the strongest "Message" cult influence. Though it's almost like looking for a needle in a haystack, it appears that even needles can be found if one looks hard enough.

In 2014, we came across articles describing "Message" cult pastor Robert Gumbura of the "End Time Message Church" in Zimbabwe. Gumbura was convicted of several counts of rape, and exposed as using the church as a means to produce pornography. At that time, we collected several news articles, and used the subject matter for a video and blog post:

Assuming his conviction was the end of the story, we used his example in 2015 without looking for more "needles" in the haystacks.

When this was published, many were skeptical -- including myself. Though following what appears to be a pattern of sexual molestation in the cult, this story did not fit the typical example of a cult commune or church. In every example we have examined, the sexual deviants in ranking positions of the "Message" cult practiced their evil desires in secrecy. Only one other cult leader has ever been caught producing pornography, and until a financial scandal exposed his hidden lifestyle, none of his church was aware. Most cult leaders who are caught in rape or sexual molestation do so behind closed doors. We knew there must be more to the story, because "Message" cult pastor Gumbura openly practiced his sexual desire.

And there was more.

According to an exclusive investigative report we had missed in our 2014 research, Gumbura had been strategically invading the banking system of Zimbabwe.

The investigative journalists report:

"The Branhamites have infiltrated middle management and strategic junior positions to be fully made known in the part 2 of this investigation. All recruitment interviews are strategically attended by cult members, to ensure that cult members are taken in. This has led to the bank now being regarded as defacto controlled by the cult, leading to their boast at a cult meeting that the church 'owns' the bank in Harare. Non-cult members are secretly viewed as 'of the devil' thus in subtle and obvious ways non cult members have their lives made miserable, knowing that when there is a conflict, cult members will be believed and sided with, and non-cult members corrected, even if wrong. "

Later, this resulted in Gumbura being declared "Enemy of the State." In the court trial, it was learned that Gumbura had access to the outside world through a prison guard, and was securing weapons from contacts in the U.K. It was also learned that his contact was Albert Matapo. Together, Gumbura and Matapo were planning on securing weapons and toppling the government system.

According to information coming out of the U.K., Albert Matapo had ammassed 20 trillion U.S. Dollars. (Reported as 20,000 billions of dollars USD). He was seized by the army after it was learned he was attempting to replace government officials.

Interestingly, Zimbabwe was not the only target. Matapo was captured in the U.K. after it was learned that children were being smuggled out of Zimbabwe by posing as members of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC):

"What is surprising is that the scam was uncovered by the BBC: journalists from Radio 5 Live. They posed as would-be bogus asylum seekers and went to Birmingham to see Albert Matapo, the chairmon of the group, Zimbabwean Community UK, and took along a tape recorder. Matapo's wife Grace demanded over £1,000 up front and her husband boasted about getting into Britain the adult children of several members of Mugabe's Cabinet simply by coaching them to say they were MDC members."

For years, those of us in the United States have heard tales of the "wonderful change" the "Message" was making throughout the world, especially in Africa. Magazine articles and blog posts with heartwarming photographs of Africans carrying pottery are purchased from "Message" cult members around the nation, and emotions are high as they read of the "blanket natives" converting to "the Message" (as opposed to Christianity).

How differently would those articles and blog posts read if they printed the other side of the story? What if instead of a poor African woman holding broken clay pottery, they interviewed a sexually molested woman whose pastor nearly controlled the government with billions, possibly trillions of dollars! What if instead of describing the "Agape tablet" being delivered to a wooden shack, they described a multi-million-dollar building housing high-ranking officials being controlled by the cult's wealth and power?

What if instead of spreading the "Message," the cult decided to spread the Gospel?