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Former Cult Pastor Charged With Sexual Abuse in Phoenix

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Former Cult Pastor Charged With Sexual Abuse in Phoenix:

Word is coming in that sexual assault victims are beginning to surface at one of the Branham cult churches in Phoenix, Arizona. According to witness testimony, the sexual molestation went on for several years, and the parents of victims were not warned that a predator was in their midst.

According to one victim:

"I undressed my clothes and put my hands in my parts, I took his [intimate part]. ... We were told to shut up, not to say anything to her sister and my grandmother at that time was still alive"

Throughout the years, our website has published various examples of sexual abuse in the Branham cult churches, often by elders in the church. In almost all of our examples, the parents of victims were not warned of the predators in the congregations. Unaware their children might fall victim to a sexual predator, no safety precautions were taken. In many cases the authorities were not notified until long after the statute of limitations had expired, and the predator was free to find other prey.

Unfortunately, most cult churches we have examined conceal the information rather than spreading awareness.

In the recent example, the predator had been abusing children for over twenty years. It was not until January 24, 2017 that the former pastor was arrested

Each time we post another example of a child predator, cult victims point to the Catholic Church to defend the cult's widespread problems of sexual abuse. But the point to the history of the Catholic Church, ignoring the recent reform in practice. Most churches -- especially in the United States -- openly warn parents when a reformed sexual predator is in the congregation. And they contact the authorities when a practicing sexual predator is identified. This is a strong contrast between the largely unreformed cult following of William Branham.

For years, "Message" cult victims have been programmed to believe that the "Message" has the power to save the lost, and "accepting the 'Message'" is reformation. Cult pastors have bragged that naked natives in the Southern Hemisphere clothed themselves, alcoholics stopped drinking, smokers stopped smoking, and even school girls started wearing sleeves that were slightly longer than sleeves of the "worldly girls."

This claim, directed negatively towards the other Christian churches, is implying that the Gospel does not have the same power to cast out sin. It is implying that the "Message" is more powerful than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Is it? Are not the "Message" cult churches condemning others for the "speck in the eye" while ignoring the log in their own eye?" (Mat 7:5)

The Catholic Church is reforming. How long before the "Message" cult churches realize they are in greater need of reformation?