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Roy E. Davis Mercenary Group Out Of Control

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Roy E. Davis Mercenary Group Out Of Control:

After helping establish the Knights of the Flaming Sword throughout the country, Roy Ambassador Roy E. Davis realized that the group was out of control. He begged them to lay aside their arms, but his words had little effect. Charles E. Watson stood in opposition, and declared Davis without authority to disarm the militant white supremacy group.

All of this took place in 1925, shortly before Davis fled Tennessee to set up his base of operations in Louisville, KY.

Last year, we published details of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's inquiry into the militant organizations led by Roy E. Davis, and asked the question: How much did William Branham know about the stockpile of weapons in Shreveport, Louisiana?

But this article sheds more light on that question. Davis was militant long before the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. In fact, he was militant long before mentoring William Branham and ordaining him as the pastor of his church in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Was William Branham involved with the arms deals? Is this why he continued to promote Roy E. Davis throughout his ministry?

We've seen others throughout the history of the United States, evil men who were untouchable by the U.S. Government. The infamous Al Capone, for instance, evaded conviction of his militant crimes until the day of his death. The Federal Government was only able to capture Capone through I.R.S. records of tax evasion.

Is this why the Federal Government was investigating William Branham for tax evasion?

Our page on Roy E. Davis has been updated! New article: The Tennessean, Oct 4, 1924

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