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Did William Branham "heal" people of diseases they did not have?

On more than one instance, we've heard testimony of former members whose family were "healed" of a disease they never had. Multiple of them "cancer." Coming to the prayer lines, not feeling well, and suddenly being "diagnosed" with "cancer" would be a terrible fate!

As it turns out, William Branham's publishing company, "Voice of Healing," published one of these testimonies! In the July 1941 issue, Grace Boyd exclaimed, "As I was sitting in a healing service during the Branham Healing Campaign in Kansas City, Kansas, in September 1950, Brother Branham pointed me out to the audience and said that I had cancer. He also said, "If you will believe, you will be healed."

Later in her testimony, she says something astonishing:

"But I had no idea that I had cancer. When he told me that I was healed, I accepted it with all my heart."

When you listen to the "prayer lines" on recorded sermon, there are a large number of people "diagnosed." Some who wrote their names, addresses, and diseases on "prayer cards," and others who did not. How many of those people were given new "diseases" and then healed of them? How many went to the doctor, paid their hard-earned money for additional testing, only to find "no trace of the disease?"