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William Branham Message Cult Debate in the Congo

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William Branham Message Cult Debate in the Congo:

Recently, information came to us about the William Branham's "Message" cult starting to lose it's foothold in the Congo. Cult escapees have sent us photographs of what the cult has become, and we were shocked to see cult victims overseas worshiping images of William Branham. One photograph in particular showed the pulpit and shrine of photographs cult victims included in their ritual.

This surge in escapees in the Congo resulted in scheduling a public debate between cult escapees and cult leaders on public television. Unfortunately, it seems that cult leaders were not willing to make an appearance.

Yesterday, enough parties where present to discuss and debate the issues. The title of their debate: ""W.M. Branham: Antichrist or Prophet of God?"

Speakers: Pastors Renaud Boris Mbota, Jean de Dieu Ditoukou and Caleb Epongolat openly discuss the issues with the ministry of William Branham.

Unfortuantely, this video is in French.