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William Branham on Divorce and Remarriage

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William Branham on Divorce and Remarriage:

A person under the undue influence of William Branham's "Message" cult contacted us concerning the marriage certificate of Rudy Broy. Broy had been divorced, but his wife had not. William Branham remarried Broy to a woman that was never married before.

Under some sects of the cult, this is permitted. Branham was not consistent on this doctrine, apparently changing his stance (from behind the pulpit) when his own son, Billy Paul Branham, was remarried. In other sects, those who follow Branham's harsh condemnation of any who remarry, male or female marriage after divorce is strictly forbidden. For this reason, many "Message" cult pastors refuse to fellowship. (Based on my personal observations).

Worse, those in the cult who have been remarried are often severed from the fellowship of friends and family. Many are shunned from the cult altogether.

Those following this particular story thread, however, are aware that out from behind the pulpit, William Branham did not practice what he preached. An example of this is his brother Melvin. When William Branham joined Melvin Branham in marriage to Catherine Hicks, it was his third marriage and her second.

Jeffersonville, remember, was a town recognized by the state of Indiana as problematic for their "quick marriage parlors." For Branham's time and place, this was not only common -- it was a booming business.

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