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Was William Branham Honest About His Mexico Trip

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Was William Branham Honest About His Mexico Trip:

William Branham often praised "General Valdivia" for breaking the "harsh" rules by the "Catholic" Mexican government to let him preach in Mexico. According to Branham, he was the first "Protestant ever come in there":

I was in Mexico City about three years ago. How many knows Brother Espinoza, you Spanish people here? Well, I guess many of you. He was my interpreter. We was down there in Mexico City. I was, far as they know, the only Protestant ever come in there, sponsored by the government. But General Valdivia, you remember him, he's one of the Christian Business Men, had received, been saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, and he had got through the government and got me in.
Branham, 64-0619 - Perseverant

In 2012, Seek The Truth blog examined this claim in great detail. For those of you who missed it:

As it turns out, Branham's publication company printed a front-page article describing the wonderful success of Gordon Lindsay's healing campaigns in Mexico! Insomuch the paper called it the "Great Mexican Revival"

Was it really a miracle that Branham entered Mexico to preach? According to the article, that same miracle was placed upon Gordon Lindsay:

"At least one thousand souls knelt at the altar for salvation and many remarkable miracles of healing occurred. Special circumstances and native laws make it extremely difficult for U. S. citizens to preach in local churches, and securing large auditoriums is quite impossible. Moreover, with some exceptions foreigners are not as enthusiastically received in the mission of preachers in Mexico. Notwithstanding, the ministry of healing proved an open door to reach the Mexican people."
- Voice of Healing, June 1949.

In this issue, Branham lists himself as "Senior Editor" instead of "Publisher." (Lindsay is listed as only: "Editor")

Did Branham really not know that his campaign manager had such a huge "successful" meeting in Mexico? Was he really unaware that other Protestants had been preaching in Mexico for centuries?

Or was he trying to deceive the people?

The full issue can be found here: